Terms & Policies


my promises:

Integrity + Honesty
I like real. I like clarity.
And I don't like movies where they cover up cover-ups.

In any direction necessary.

Listening with an Open Spirit
I hear you...beyond what's even said.

Trial + Error
Try something. See what happens. Move forward from that.

contracts, deposits & invoicing:

Estimates and contracts will always be sent prior to any consultation or before even a pencil hits paper (okay, sometimes I can’t help but jot down a sketch. When you’re inspired, you’re inspired.) This is to protect and honor you and me and our precious cash stashes.

Once you are comfortable with our agreement, an estimate will be sent to you to accept or decline.
Please note that that is only an estimate. Accurate details of project pricing will be updated as design/consultation progresses. I promise to always be transparent and direct with this communication.

  1. 50% of total will be due upon estimate acceptance.

  2. Balance will be due upon project completion. At this point, files will be released to you and any vendors you (or I) have chosen.

  3. Then we celebrate!