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hello, fellow creatives

Inhale the awesome.

I help mindful biz babes get branded and look legit
so they can spread more love and serve their peops.

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Exhale the stress.

I've partnered with dozens of mindfully creative, woo woo entrepreneurs to design unique and usable brands that elevate their presence in the marketplace and let them BREATHE.

Also, I LISTEN. TO YOU. We talk about all of your dreams and visions and ideas. And then I take ALL OF THAT and give you brand elements that are GORGEOUS, COHESIVE and SO VERY YOU. And you get to heal people. 

Kelly's skillful choice of words and imagery make her a storyteller.

I've never experienced that with any other designer.  What makes her even more unique, is her ability to see your vision so precisely — and guide you toward finding clarity. it's like, poof(!), She just brought your vision to life!  I'm still in awe after over ten years of working with this B#tch.  Storyteller, creator, guide.  She is all of these things and more!!  Her process is pure magic.



You will feel good.
Your goods will look good.
Let’s work together, you bad ass.


work with me 1 x 1 to
uniquely Brand your biz

Every business and every entrepreneur has a unique story to tell. Your visual elements have the opportunity to speak to that beautiful adventure, even when you’re not there.

brand vibe seshes:
intimate + bad ass groups
of biz babes like you

You know your vision. You can SEE and FEEL it. It’s time to match that with the perfect brand elements and vibe. Working together in a curated group is inspiring, empowering and, well, FUN.

luxuriate + radiate:
retreat with us

Make SPACE. Align with INTENTION. Let your creative energy FLOW. Find the forbidden QUIET space…that delicious space where you can really listen and allow for your deepest desires to emerge.


Namaste, bitches.

The light in me honors the light in your biz.